Winter Skin

Winter Skin

Winter is well and truly in full swing! Along with cold weather comes chapped lips, red patches, flaky and dehydrated skin. No thank you!

In the winter month’s water is lost from the keratinocytes (our skin cells) leaving our skin feeling not its everyday self!

"The air is frigid and dry outside, and any kind of indoor heat leaves it even more parched. Your skin's protective barrier cracks, making it less able to repair itself," says San Francisco dermatologist Katie Rodan, MD. "It becomes a vicious cycle unless you do something to prevent it—or treat it fast."

Winter skin demands a more intensive approach to skincare, so we have you sorted as well as the do’s and don’ts when it comes to winter skin.



Hydration is key when it comes to dry skin. Not only do we mean externally by the products you use but internally. So drink up ladies! H20 is important!

Oil based mouturisers with vitamin c and e will keep your skin hydrated for longer.



Dry brushing a couple times a week can do true wonders for your skin. Use a small soft bristle brush in circular motions towards your heart and it will clear dead skin cells in its course.



Just because its not hot outside doesn’t mean the UV rays wont penetrate those winter clouds. Up to 80% of the suns rays can still penetrate them. So make sure you are protected with a natural sunscreen everyday of the year.



Once a week is enough to apply a mask that will hydrate, lighten, tone and purify the skin. So give your skin that much needed detox!


Set a routine!

Give yourself a daily all over body home spa treatment! Choose hydrating products to nourish and hydrate your skin. Body oils are perfect to nourish your body. Night creams are perfect way to get moisture in whilst you rest.




Don’t over do it!

Your skin is more sensitive to irritations in the colder months. Keep your routines simple.



Of course in the winter months we automatically reach for the more warm richer foods. However, too much of a cheeky chocolate can cause unwanted breakouts and clogged pores. Oh no thank you!


Not enough rest!

Lacking sleep can results in puffy eyes, dark circles and ashy complexions.  So make sure you’re hitting the pillow for 8 hours rest! 


Avoid hot water!

When its cold we crave the hot showers but too much hot water can actually dry out your skin leaving it flaky and craked.


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