Celebrity Clean Beauty Must Haves!

We’ve created a list of clean beauty products that these celebs just cant live without! With celebrities being very health conscious on what they consume and what they put on their skin it is no wonder that many of them are beginning to endorse ethical, toxic free beauty products.

And when they do, we couldn’t be more excited to hear of the growing list of green beauty brands celebrities swear by!

See below for a list of some of worlds A listers must haves!

Green Soul Trader xx

Agent Nateur 

Emma Watson - “It took me a while, but I finally found some good natural deodorant. It’s not an easy search! The best one I’ve found is Agent Nateur —

I use the No. 3”

Kourtney Kardashian - “To make packing for trips easy and less time consuming, I always keep a full set of toiletries packed and ready to go. I already shared the 20 iterms I always pack in my carry on, so I wanted to also give you my exact list of essential toiletries I bright in my checked suitcase.” 


“Gwenth Paltrow - With a cult following of A-list celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp, it’s no wonder that there has been such hype and excitement over luxury hair care range, Rahua, which is made from 100% natural Amazonian ingredients”


Kourtney Kardashian - So what does Kourtney Kardashian do when she needs a break from the world? She draws a bath. To help rid her body of urban toxicity, stress and sluggishness, the holistic-leaning mom of three uses Pursoma’s Digital Detox Bath Intrigued? Here's what you need to know.”

Indie Lee 

Molly Simms - In the book The Everyday Supermodel, Molly discusses her best skincare tips for pregnancy, including how to get that gorgeous pregnancy glow. She recently updated that routine to include more products, including  Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil 

She writes: “Squalane Facial Oil: A new product I was sent when I got pregnant. Promotes skin elasticity and diminishes age spots.”

Eco Modern Essentials 

Rozalia Russian - ( Erase Body Oil) “I have been raving on about this product ever since I had my daughter 3 years ago!
My skin therapist introduced me to this product when I was showing her my post baby stretchmark's and C-section scar.
After only a few weeks of using this amazing product my stretch marks and scar had reduced in appearance by 50%!
Even my husband who never comments on things like that was amazed by the results.
The Erase Body oil is 100% natural and works to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and blemishes.
Since becoming pregnant for the second time I have started using the oil again on my tummy, bum and thighs to help reduce the appearance of any new stretch marks.
I apply the product twice a day, once after my morning shower and then again at night.
I have also given it to my brother and other friends to use on their scars and it has helped reduce the scars enormously!
I cannot rave on about this product highly enough.”

Zao Organics

Alicia Silverstone - (Volumizing Mascara) “For everyday, I don’t need makeup to feel fresh—thanks to the best beauty trick of all: eating plants!” says the vegan actress. But when she’s in a mascara mood, this is the one she reaches for.”


Priyanka Chopra - Coconut Oil The star of ABC’s Quantico uses coconut oil because “ It keeps the hair strong, nourished, and protected” and even prevents hair loss. 

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