Fig and Yarrow Clay Mask (Gold) 34g


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Each CLAY MASK is specially formulated to benefit a variety of unique skin types and address specific skin issues. refer to descriptions below to find the mask just right for your skin type and condition. Or combine colors to treat specific zones.

Used in beauty treatments since ancient times, clay is a natural gift from the earth that draws out impurities and toxins with its naturally absorptive abilities. 

Options are listed in order of drawing intensity from strongest to mildest and can be combined to treat specific zones.

+ a gently cleansing and soothing exfoliating mask best suited for irritated, dry and blemish-prone skin.


for more than just a pretty face; CLAY MASKS are excellent for neck, chest, back andlegs and can be used to soothe insect bites and rashes


CLAY MASKS are a powder-like dry blend of clays, herbs and essential oils. add your preferred liquid element to a small amount of clay powder; try raw honey, organic yogurt, pure aloe, floral water, cold-pressed, juice, tea, or whatever you desire to create your unique potion. Apply to skin and allow to set until dry; remove with warm water and follow with FACIAL SCRUB for best results.

+ no preservation required for dry clay. May be refrigerated and kept fresh up to a week after liquid is added.

+ all clays are good for approximately 30 uses

++please note, these masks are a dry blend of clays, herbs and essential oils. as such, they require no preservation and allow the user to add whatever liquid element they wish to constitute fresh at each or every few applications. may be refrigerated and kept fresh up to a week after liquid is added.++

+ french yellow clay draws out impurities as essential minerals within the clay are released, with the added benefits of increased circulation, toning and gentle removal of dead skin cells.

+ chamomile's soothing benefits help to reduce redness and even skin tone.

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