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We source the world’s finest organic beauty products for the Earth’s sake … and yours.

Feel better about the beauty and health products you use – at Green Soul Trader, we make it easy.

We’ve curated an exquisite selection of the world’s most beautiful, natural beauty products using only the finest, most certified organic ingredients.

Everything you see at Green Soul Trader has been handpicked to make sure it’s naturally free from toxins and harsh chemicals and has proven results for your skin and health.

They’re also guaranteed safe for every body – including your little ones – and most especially for our environment. And none of our products are tested on animals – ever.

We’re here to help you make a conscious decision about the products you use every day, so you can live a healthy, more vibrant life.

Together we can make a difference, one beautifully organic skincare product at a time

Meet the Inspirations Behind Green Soul Trader


Martese always knew she wanted to work in the beauty industry as she loves beauty products with the finest ingredients and she is very particular about her own beauty regime.  She soon began experimenting with certified organic skincare products and makeup, searching the world over for the best, most effective natural brands that would not cost the earth.

Before realising her dream of building an online organic beauty store that saves our skin and our environment, she studied Makeup Artistry.  She then worked passionately as a makeup artist in the bridal industry.



Committed to pursuing a healthy lifestyle and greater wellbeing, Catherine lives an exclusively plant-based lifestyle. She is passionate about makeup artistry and the products she uses and recommends to family and friends.

Catherine works as a teacher and is also dedicated to spreading the message about natural and organic products.

A bout of adult acne in her twenties set Catherine on a quest for the finest natural and organic ingredients to help heal her skin – what she learned along the way has informed Green Soul Trader’s green beauty philosophy.